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All figurines are done in a museum-quality satin buff finish.
Many are done by the Old Masters who still design fantasy pieces today which are sold worldwide.
Some may increase in value.



FA62 -- Fireball Wizard


ONE Available

4 1/2" high
(to top of staff with crystal point)

This figurine was created in 1987 by Ray Lamb. There is an aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal on to of his staff. A large aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal accents the fireball the wizard is throwing along with some Swarovski red and aurora-borealis crystals.

Click on the picture to see more of this detailed piece.



SUP1001 -- Wizard with Owl

SUPERIOR MODELS (Later Became Perth)

RETIRED and ONE Available

Just under 4 3/4" high

This figurine was created by Ray Lamb in 1979 for Superior Models. Later in 1979, the company changed their name to Perth Pewter. 



AC58 -- Wizard with Staff

Perth Pewter 

ONE Available

3 5/8" high

This detailed wizard, created by Ray Lamb, is holding a staff with a fancy aurora-borealis crystal on top. A detailed swirling dragon is etched on the back of his cloak.



AC60 -- Bold Magic

Perth Pewter 

ONE Available

4 3/8" high

This detailed wizard, created by Ray Lamb, wears a flowing cloak. He holds a staff in one hand accented with an aurora-borealis crystal point on top. He holds a small aurora-borealis crystal in his other hand.


Pewter Wizard Pewter Wizard Pewter Wizard Pewter Wizard

121017 -- Sorcerer of Knowledge

Phoenix Collection by KRM


TWO  Available ... ONE of each color

Just a little over 3" high

This wizard holds his book of magic with either a blue or red crystal accent. His pounch, hanging from his belt, is also accented with either a blue or red crystal.

  $34.99 -- Blue

  $34.99 -- Red


AC65 -- Loregiver Wizard 

Perth Pewter

ONE Available

3 3/8" high


RF652 -- Krakora Wizard


RETIRED and ONE Available

3 3/4" high

This wizard, first designed and created in 1989, wears a jeweled aurora-borealis crystal amulet around his neck. Beside him is a colorful Swarovski crystal.


Pewter Wizard Pewter Wizard

1141048 -- Enchantment Conjurer


RETIRED and ONE Available

3 7/8" high

This wizard holds a magic potion bottle in one hand and a sword in the other. A green crystal accents the guard on his sword as well as a pouch hanging by his side. Another pouch on the backside is also accented with a green crystal.


Magic Lessons  Magic Lessons  

AC63 -- Magic Lessons

Perth Pewter

RETIRED and ONE Available

3 7/8" high

This figurine, created in 1989 by Ray Lamb, depicts a wise older wizard sharing his knowledge with a young wizard. Each holds an aurora-borealis crystal fireball in his hand. An aurora-borealis crystal accents the older wizard's cap while a red crystal amulet hangs around the young wizard's neck. Stars accent their cloaks with the older wizard's cloak having more, earned from years of experience.


TM38 -- Sorceress w/ Dragon 

Perth Pewter

ONE Available

2 3/4" high

This sorceress is performing an ancient ceremonial dance behind a dragon with blue crystal eyes that is sitting like a gargoyle. Fantastic detail went into this piece. There are colorful crystal accents.


Oracle of Protection  Oracle of Protection   Oracle of Protection

KRM121021 -- Oracle of Protection

Phoenix Collection by KRM 

Retired and ONE Available

3 5/8" high

This detailed wizard holds a sword accented with an aurora-borealis crystal. Two red crystals accent this wizard's pouches.


Pewter Wizard
RAW1195 -- Gandalf II     


RETIRED and Limited Availability

1 5/8" high (top of staff)

A small aurora-borealis crystal accents the top of Gandalf's staff.  For its size, this is a very detailed figurine. Classified as a D&D mini in 25mm scale. Designed by Tom Meier.



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