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Height is of the tallest figurine in the Diorama and does not include the Brazilian agate base.
The color of the agate base may vary from the photographs.
Those dioramas on an amethyst or quartz crystal base show the height of the total piece.

All of our dioramas are one of a kind!
No two are alike.

Pewter Diorama

DIORAMA1 -- Battle for Power

2 1/4" high

This diorama depicts a fierce warrior, a very old wizard and a spooky tree with two owls that have crystal eyes. Look closely at the tree and you will be able to see a pair of hands and a face with green crystal eyes. The highly detailed  figurines are highlighted lightly in gold, copper and espresso tones. There are several crystal accents as well as a large colorful crystal near the tree. It was cast in 25-28mm scale.



DIORAMA2 -- Wizard's Command

1 3/8" high   

This diorama depicts a mighty wizard commanding a dragon to leave its treasure and fly back into the sky. Both are highlighted lightly in gold. The dragon has red crystal eyes and colorful crystals accent the wizard. Between the dragon's tail and head is the treasure, a large faceted crystal fireball. Ball color may vary.


Pewter Diorama

DIORAMA3 -- Dangerous Waters

1" high

This diorama depicts a sea dragon swimming by a mysterious castle.  We have accented each lightly in gold and there are several colorful Austrian crystal accents.  Two crystal "Fireballs" accent both of the castle towers. Imagine drinking a tankard of ale and looking out of your window in the castle and seeing a sea monster passing by?



DIORAMA4 -- Gate Keepers

2" high

The diorama depicts two pewter Grim Reapers guarding the gate to the underworld. It's highlighted lightly in gold with colorful crystal accents. Between them is a treasure of colorful "gems" and a large crystal is in front of the chest.



DIORAMA5 -- Final Treasure

2 7/8" high (includes wood base) x 3 1/8" diameter

This diorama depicts a wizard and knight battling over a treasure chest filled with colorful crystal "gems" and "gold". They've entered the crypt of a mighty knight who, sadly, was killed in battle. Each figurine is cast in 28mm scale and hand-buffed to a rich Satin Matte Finish in our studio. The figurines are mounted on a richly hand - stained hardwood base or a beautiful polished Brazilian Agate.

  $33.49 -- On Wood Base
  $34.99 -- On Agate Base

Pewter DioramaPewter Diorama

DIORAMA6 -- Loch Ness Hideaway

4 1/2" high   

This large diorama consists of a sea dragon gliding past a castle high atop a jagged mountain top. The dragon and sea dragon are highlighted lightly in gold and the dragon has colorful crystal eyes. Notice the "bubbles" in the water...they are genuine Austrian crystals (color will vary from the picture as will the agate). Additional colorful crystals and a faceted Swarovski crystal fireball accent the castle in this diorama.


DIORAMA7 -- Dueling Wizards

1 3/4" high

The vintage Dueling Wizards diorama depicts two mighty wizards, highlighted lightly in gold and accented with colorful crystals, battling over a treasure chest filled with crystal "gems" stolen from the local dragon. There is faceted Swarovski crystal fireball accent between them. 


DIORAMA8 -- The Spider's Tree

3" high

This diorama depicts a powerful vintage wizard speaking to his green baby dragon about the dangerous knight with the raised sword who has found the spider's crystal treasure near the roots of the tree. The wizard holds the baby dragon in one hand and is highlighted lightly in gold with colorful crystal accents. The knight is also highlighted in gold with colorful crystals. Between them is an ancient tree with a large spider lurking at the top. The spider's legs are accented lightly in gold and there is a red crystal accenting it. There is a large special effects crystal between the figurines that represents the spider's treasure.


Pewter Diorama

DIORAMA9 -- The Conjuring Sorceress  

1 1/4" high

This sorceress reads from her book of spells and holds her crystal ball. In front of her is her altar. On the altar are her book of spells, an athame dagger, a piece of paper and a skull with a candle on top of its head. Also included in this diorama is a bookcase with a large gargoyle on top spreading its wings. A skull and several spell books are on the shelves. All the figurines are highlighted lightly in gold and accented with colorful crystals. We have added a faceted crystal fireball in front of the Sorceress.

This can be made with a wizard instead of the sorceress. Just ask. :)


DIORAMA10 -- I Put A Spell On You

1 5/8" high

This diorama depicts a wizard trying to use his magic on a baby fire dragon. We have highlighted the figurines lightly in gold and there are colorful crystal accents.


Pewter Diorama

DIORAMA11 -- You Win

2 1/4" high

This diorama depicts a knight preparing to fight an angry dragon for his "treasure", a faceted crystal fireball. The figurines are highlighted lightly in gold. The dragon has colorful red crystal eyes and the knight is accented with many colorful Austrian crystals as well. 


Pewter Diorama

DIORAMA12 -- Mythical Friends

1" high

This diorama depicts three "mythical" creatures (a pegasus, dragon, and unicorn) gathered together. Each is highlighted lightly in gold. The dragon holds a small colorful crystal.  A colorful crystal ball accents this diorama.



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