Fairy Figurines

The hand-painted figurines are made from cold-cast resin with great detail.
They have each been removed from their boxes only to be photographed and measured.

Due to the delicate nature of these fairies, these are only shipped within the United States.

Be sure to check out the Faerie Glen and Dragonsite Fairies and the Pewter Fairies in separate sections.

fairy  fairy  fairy



Just below 8 3/4" high

Harper is sitting on a large toadstool with a baby dragon sitting beside her. The dragon is quite fascinated with the "crystal ball" Harper is holding. She lives deep in the rainforest and often spends her days playing with woodland creatures.

fairy  fairy



4" high

Marley has fallen asleep in the garden surrounded by flowers and little toadstools. She has beautiful blue and purple wings and wears a purple floral headband.

fairy  fairy


ONE Available


5" high

Portia is in the forest with flowers and toadstools around her. She's found a gentle new friend to play with. Portia wears a green outfit and has beautiful green and orange wings.  


fairy  fairy



4 7/8" high

Tawny is wearing an icy blue and white dress with sparkling wings to match. She wears a crown on her head and is resting on a large snow flake. In front of her is a baby dragon hatching from its egg.

fairy  fairy


ONE Available


8 1/8" high

Skylar wears a shimmering green dress with wings to match. Her orange toned leggings have little stars on them. She's leaning over a tree trunk blooming with flowers. What could she be daydreaming about? 


fairy  fairy



4" high

Dory's having a great time blowing bubbles! Her knees are tucked to her chest and her body has purple vine tattoos. She has purple/blue feathery wings. 

fairy  fairy



6" high

Ella, with green wings and sitting on some leaves, is having a fun afternoon blowing bubbles.

fairy  fairy


ONE Available


9" high

Lilly has beautiful green and copper colored translucent wings. Her dress is shimmering gold and copper. LShe sits on a large toadstool with smaller ones below as she daydreams about the wonderful day she had with some gnomes in the valley.


fairy  fairy


TWO Available


7 3/4" high

Roxanne wears a beautiful shimmering outfit with matching leggings. She has green translucent wings and is sitting on top of a tree stump with mushrooms and flowers below.


fairy  fairy




9 1/2" high

Lyana sits on a tree stump and wears striped green leggings that match her shimmering green outfit. She has beautiful green and copper colored translucent wings.

fairy  fairy  fairy




7 1/2" high

Poppy sits on a toadstool with flowers below. She wears a shimmering gold and copper outfit with translucent soft copper colored wings. Perhaps she's wondering when some friendly Gnomes will wander by to play.



Realm of Amy Brown Series 1 - Complete Set of 4

RETIRED and ONE Set Available

The Seer measures 3 1/2"
Queen Mab measures just under 4" high
Red Queen measures just under 4" high
Gothic measures 3 1/4" high

This is the complete set of the Realm of Amy Brown Series I figurines released in 2006. The Series 1 set includes The Seer, Queen Mab, Red Queen, & Gothic. It is very hard to find the complete set with their boxes in such excellent condition. These figurines are made from Cold Cast Porcelain/Resin.

Each mini figurine is carefully packages in a windowed storage box measuring 5" high.

The photographs are of our own set of figurines, but you're purchasing a new set still in their original boxes.

Because each one was hand-painted, there may be slight variations to the figurines. See more pictures of packaging below.




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