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A customer sent us this picture capturing the moment her husband opened up his gift.

I absolutely love the blue lapis athames! Customer service was excellent and shipping was extremely fast. I purchased one for myself and one for my daughter for her birthday and I can't wait to give it to her. 
--  Michelle (July, 2021) 

The athame and matching wand are beautiful. I was not disappointed. Well made, beautiful and they go together well. Thank you. 
--  Kathy (July, 2021) 

My little fairy is wonderful! A perfect accent for my terrarium. Thank you. 
--  Amy (July, 2021) 

This sorceress cat is a beautiful piece. The detail and the jewels make it unique. I can't stop looking at it. And the shipping was so fast. Thank you for this! 
--  Kaedra (July, 2021)

My stand is perfect in every way! Prompt shipping. 
--  Robin (July, 2021) 

Great communication! Very quick to ship! Love this little unicorn stand. I put a flower agate sphere on it. Thank you so much for this little treasure. 
--  Wendy (July, 2021) 

This figurine of the Phoenix is beautiful. It's perfect for my altar and symbolism of my transformation. 
--  Zenobia (July, 2021) 

My package arrived quickly and the product is beautifully made. 
--  Sophie (July, 2021) 

The athame is absolutely stunning. I got it for my best friend as her birthday present and she is still raving about how much she loves it. 
--  Riley (June, 2021) 

Stunning littie fairy. She is a perfect addition to our crystal collection. As always with your figurines, my expectations were not only met, but heightened. Thank you. 
--  Cheri (June, 2021) 

My order arrived quickly and was packaged with such care. I was so impressed. The item itself is beautiful and perfect for my altar. Thank you! 
--  Emilee (June, 2021) 

I love my fairy! Great quality and was exactly like described! The crescent moon and fairy are cute and goes great with my moon and sun motif I have going on in my room! 
--  Pam (June, 2021) 

My daughter whom I ordered the stand for loves it, and I think it's pretty cool myself. It's very sturdy and it's not cheap either. 
--  Lisa (June, 2021) 

I love my little letter opener! It's so pretty and works perfectly. The item shipped safe and secure! I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much! 
--  Victoria (June, 2021)

Amazing quality and super fast shipping! Will definitely be ordering more to help my dad build up his collection! 
--  Jennifer (June, 2021) 

My best friend loves her present. Thank you. 
--  Emerald (June, 2021) 

We are a repeat customer multiple times and always get quality stuff. 
--  Zach (June, 2021) 

The claw is beautiful and the size is perfect for my 100mm rose quartz sphere! Fast shipping as well. Thank you. 
--  Amanda (June, 2021) 

The pewter fairy on the moon is super cute. I've already added the piece to my collection. 
--  Linda (June, 2021) 

Absolutely beautiful stand! Perfect size too and great craftsmanship. 
--  Christina (June, 2021) 

Beautiful wizard and wonderful people to work with :) Will buy again! 
-- Priyasri (May, 2021) 

Beautifully detailed and solidly made. Absolutely lovely. 
-- Ana  (May, 2021)

Super fast shipping! Thank you so much. They are even more cool in person. 
-- Shawna  (May, 2021)

Beautiful statue, arrived quickly and was packed with love and care. 
-- Toni  (May, 2021)

The owners are SO nice and everything I've bought has been incredible. 
-- Kathleen  (May, 2021)

I absolutely love the stand!! Great detail, fast shipping. Thank you! 
-- Jessi  (May, 2021)

Perfect little fairy stand for my moss agate sphere...arrived swiftly! 
-- Barry  (May, 2021)

My husband absolutely loves his beautifully crafted wizard! He already has a place of honor, where he'll be much admired daily. He came exceptionally well packaged and arrived quickly. You're the absolute nicest people -- warm, friendly, and communicative. I'm just thrilled all around with this purchase. 
-- Lisa  (May, 2021)

Love my fairy! So cute, her toe on the moon. 
-- Katrina  (May, 2021)

My athame is absolutely beautiful! Perfect for my altar. 
-- Ashley  (May, 2021)

My sorceress cat is really lovely. I rescue cats, my whole life is cats!! Super packing and quick shipping... 
-- Claire  (May, 2021)

Thank you so much. I love everything. I'm telling everyone I know about you. 
-- Diane  (April, 2021)

This was a gift for my friend and she absolutely loved it! It was beautiful. Crazy fast shipping too! 
-- Sarah  (April, 2021)

Perfect for my altar and so beautiful! Love the way it was made! Thank you! 
-- Jennifer  (April, 2021)

Very nice piece, was exactly what I wanted for my fairy collection. 
-- Dawn  (April, 2021)

My package arrived quickly, well packaged, and as described. They reached out to me so I would have some idea of when my package would be sent and the method of shipping. This gave me some idea of when it would arrive which I appreciated. 
-- Rusty  (April, 2021)

My stand is beautiful. It came faster than expected and works perfectly! 
-- Faith  (April, 2021)

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend who loves dragons and he loved it cause it was so different from all the others he has. 
-- Jessie  (April, 2021)

Thank You So Much for FAST Shipping & EXCELLENT Service! :) 
-- Bella  (April, 2021)

I love my crystal ball and stand. Thank you so much! 
-- Cheryce  (March, 2021)

Amazing pieces! I normally don't buy anything right away to make sure I really want them, but these pieces were so gorgeous I got them almost immediately. It definitely helped that my birthday was near. The figurines were even more wonderful in person than I imagined. Shipping was quick and efficient as well, even to my location, which is always a nice added bonus. I love the amazing details on every inch of the Castles of Navarre, front and back. Another fantastic feature on these castles not captured on photo is the whimsical way each crystal twinkles as you walk past.
-- Chantel  (March, 2021)

I bought a fairy for my aunt and she loved it. 
-- Napa  (March, 2021)

Beautiful and super high quality. Thank you. 
-- Michael  (March, 2021)

Another beautiful pewter castle. Always fast delivery and always safely packaged. 
-- Jessica  (March, 2021)

My athame is beautiful and arrived quickly!
-- Melanie  (March, 2021)

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So happy! Thank you!
-- Mandi  (March, 2021)

The pewter fairy stand with the crystal ball are both beautiful. Thank you!
-- Celeste  (February, 2021)

I love my athame! It's so dainty and elegant, it's the pefect altar piece!! The amethyst is absolutely beautiful. I would definitly purchase here again!
-- Lyn  (February, 2021)

Beautiful dragon pewter figurine and awesome service!
-- Nancy  (February, 2021)

My package arrived very quickly! It was a gift to hold a crystal sphere-the recipient loved it!
-- Sara  (February, 2021)

I love my pewter stand. It is so cool and unique! I love wicked and mystical so this is perfect for me! I would definitely buy from Pewter Manor again. Fast shipping too!
-- Bridget  (February, 2021)

The stand is so cool. Love it with my huge crystal ball being clasped by the claw.
-- Rita  (February, 2021)

Thank you so much for the awesome stand and fast shipping.
-- Tammy  (February, 2021)

I ordered the dragon word and it's an amazing piece. The picture does not do this justice, the detail work is incredible. Thank you for beautiful work!
-- Xyleena  (February, 2021)

I love this stand!! It's perfect, just what I wanted!
-- Lola  (January, 2021)

Solid and nicely weighted little dragon. It'll make a great gift!
-- Skylar  (January, 2021)

Very nice dragon stand. I'm going to give it to my dragon loving sister-in-law.
-- Christina  (January, 2021)

Gina and Richard are some of the best merchants I've ever worked with! They were quick to respond and their wizards I ordered are so beautifully detailed and great quality! Thank you guys so much!
-- Morgan  (January, 2021)

I gave the fairy as a gift & the recipient was delighted.
-- Judy  (January, 2021)

The dragon was a gift for my father and he loved it!
-- Heather  (January, 2021)

My athame is the perfect addition to my altar! Thank you for the great service and fast shipping!
-- Tonya  (January, 2021)

Fast shipping, excellent communication. My wife loves her new stand!
-- Kevin  (January, 2021)

My dragon stand came fast. Nicely detailed. Just the right size for my crystal ball.
-- Charlene  (January, 2021)

The stand is very nice! It holds a favorite sphere of mine. Thanks!
-- Pam  (January, 2021)

The fairy is absolutely beautiful. A gift but I almost want to keep it myself. Thank you for this gorgeous piece.
-- Samantha  (January, 2021)

My unicorn with roses is beautiful and just what I wanted. Thank you!
-- Annette  (December, 2020)

My friend collects fairies and she just loved the fairy! Thank you.
-- Gina  (December, 2020)

The sorceress cat was the perfect gift for my child.
-- Amanda  (December, 2020)

I bought this dragon as a gift for my brother. He absolutely loved it! The detail on the dragon was impressive--it even had veins on the underside of its wings. Great work! Thank you!
-- Kathy  (December, 2020)

Peter loves his pewter collection and it's been so much fun over the years to see it grow and be cherished.
-- Beth  (December, 2020) -- she has been buying pewter for her son since he was 9 years old...he's now 20 years old.

The fairy is magical, what a beauty! The finds on this site are absolutely fantastic. The shipping is fast and the customer service is A+++!
-- Catherine  (December, 2020)

Returning customer. As before, the item looks great and the shipping was prompt. Thanks again :)
-- Ethon  (December, 2020)

It's exactly what I was hoping for, very detailed and so great! The item was shipped to me very quickly which was appreciated.
-- Barbara  (December, 2020)

Fast shipping. Beautiful it..Thank you!
-- Jo  (December, 2020)

I bought a gift for my best friends 25th birthday. She was mesmerized by it. Thank you!
-- Jaci  (December, 2020)

Your creations are beautiful...thank you so much for sharing your artistic talent!
-- Alyssa  (December, 2020)

The wizard arrived on time. Gorgeous piece! My mother will love it!
-- Jess  (December, 2020)

This little fairy is so sweet. Excellent product and customer service. Fast and safe shipping. Thank you for putting the made in the USA sticker on it. That is a great idea and it means a lot. Thanks!
-- Theresa  (December, 2020)

I love my order so much! I've been wanting something like this for years now and finally decided on this one. Highly recommend!
-- Rosalie  (December, 2020 - bought one of our athames)

I love my little wizard frog so much! Thank you!
-- Mary  (December, 2020)

Great detail on the pieces I order. They're gonne be a huge hit for Christmas!
-- Binta  (December, 2020)

I received my order quickly & it looks beautiful! My husband will love it as part of his Christmas gift!
-- Carolyn  (December, 2020)

It's always a pleasure to do business with you. Our son, now 33, looks forward to his pewter gift every year and Pewter Manor always comes through. 
-- Dave  (November, 2020)

Wanted to let you know that the Wizard arrived safely. I absolutely love it, it's so amazing and looks perfect with my collection!!! Look forward to ordering more soon. 
-- Trish  (November, 2020)

I really love my large wizard. He's awesome!! He looks so cool!! And the delifery was fast too, thanks. 
-- Scotty  (November, 2020)

Great size stand for large spheres with nice detail. Super fast shipping! 
-- Erik  (November, 2020)

Everything I ordered is beautiful and your finishing touches are so wonderful. Thank you! 
-- Heather  (October, 2020)

The crystal ball stand is stunning!!! Arrived quickly! Helpful and friendly and really there to give you the best support possible! Would definitely shop here again and I highly recommend them!! 
-- Stacie  (October, 2020)

The package arrived today. The pieces are beautiful. My son, who is over forty, looks forward to getting them every year. 
-- Elaine  (October, 2020)

My athame is beautiful. I felt good energy immediately! 
-- Lisa  (October, 2020)

You guys are amazing and have such beautiful items, so I couldn't resist ordering from you again! 
-- Holly  (October, 2020 - second order)

I love my Athame. The detail is amazing and I felt great energy when I touched it. It's the perfect size for my altar. The delivery was quick and the item was packaged securly. I look forward to purchasing from this company in the future. 
-- Lilly  (October, 2020) - bought our pink rose quartz athame/letter opener

My fairy stand arrived super quick and I just love the details!! Perfect display stand that is really unique and gorgeous. Beyong thrilled with this purchase! 
-- Holly  (October, 2020)

Beautiful! Wrapped well and quick to ship. 
-- Amber  (October, 2020) - bought our rock crystal athame/letter opener

Just the right size that I was looking for! Love it! 
-- Angela  (October, 2020) - bought our purple amethyst athame/letter opener

The unicorn is more beautiful than the picture-I am very plased. Fast shipping. Very Well packaged. 
-- Cecilia  (October, 2020)

I bought the skeleton knight for a gift. I think my giftee will love it! What an awesome and well made item. 
-- Erin  (September, 2020) - bought Final Victory

The Celtic knot stand is perfect for my obsidian sphere. I love the details on the Celtic knot work. Shipped out fast and was well packaged. It's exactly as pictured. I would absolutely recommend this shop for sure. 
-- Dory  (September, 2020)

The dragon claw stand is solid, well-made, and incredibly detailed! 
-- Mike  (September, 2020)

My friend is ecstatic about the dragon I gave her for her birthday. Thank you so much for creating such lovely items. 
-- Lex  (September, 2020)

This is perfect for my altar. perfect size and everything. Super pretty. 
-- Kaitlin  (August, 2020) - bought our pink rose quartz athame/letter opener

Love these guys...extremely fast delivery and amazing products. 
-- Michelle  (August, 2020)

I was looking for something to hold my 100mm obsidian ball and I'm glad I made the right choice with this stand. 
-- Sergio  (August, 2020) - bought our large dragon claw stand

The wizard I purchases is an absolutely stunning piece. It's beautifully made and the crystals sparkle. Incredibly fast shipping. So glad I purchased this! 
-- Helen  (August, 2020)

I'm a repeat customer. Very happy! 
-- Rochele  (August, 2020)

The service here was amazing! I messed up on the shipping and they immediately helped me fix it. The dragon egg is so cute. 
-- Zander  (August, 2020)

The celestial star and moon stand is so beautiful! I purchased this as a gift for my sister, and it was a hit!
-- Ciara  (August, 2020)

Very nice dragon claw stand. Perfect for my altar!
-- Taylir  (August, 2020)

Thank you so much for my order! It is absoolutely lovely. I shared your site with a few friends because we don't have many options like that around here in South Caroline. Also, thanks for the fast shipping!! I'll be shopping with you guys again in the future.
-- Rose  (August, 2020 - bought our pewter celestial star athame with lavender jade crystal)

I bought this as a gift for my best friend as I knew she had been eyeing it. She loves it! She is totally obsessed, and so glad she could add to her collection. Couldn't have asked for an easier transaction!
-- Kelsey  (July, 2020 - bought our pewter celestial star athame with rock crystal)

I have NOTHING but kind words for this. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It's the perfect athame for my needs. I'm awestruck by how gorgeous it is. I have very high expectations and you somehow exceeded them. Very happy about it, will be for sure referring anyone and everyone here!
-- Cae  (July, 2020 - bought our pewter celestial star athame with rock crystal)

The little dragon egg arrived really fast and it was a great surprise for the friend I bought it for!
-- Jack  (July, 2020)

Lovely little pewter unicorn! Great details and colors. Received quickly and securely packed. Blessed be forever!
-- Lisa  (July, 2020)

Beautiful pewter stand that's perfect for my crystal sphere. Packed with care, fast shipping, and great communication. Super happy, thank you!
-- Linda  (July, 2020)

Great dragon and fast shipping. I love the delicate and simple design you don't always see in pewter dragons. Thank you!
-- Katherine  (July, 2020)

I am so incredibly pleased with the two items I bought from you, they are even more detailed than the photos I believe. Your inventory and service are amazing!
-- Sally  (July, 2020)

I received my chess set today and all I can say is WOW! It's absolutely beautiful! Y'all should be very proud of your business, product quality and customer service. It's been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again!!  From a ridiculously happy customer.
-- Terri  (June, 2020)

Thank you so much. I received the figurines today. You are so talented. I have already posted them and everyone is loving them. As soon as someone asks where I got them, I will give them your info. 
-- Christopher  (June, 2020)

Discovering your site has rekindled my love for these pewter figures! I will definitely be buying again in the near future! 
-- Emilio  (June, 2020)

Fast shipping and great communication! My obsidian sphere looks fantastic in its claw stand. 
-- Kaylie  (June, 2020 - bought our large dragon claw stand that can hold up to 100mm balls (6")

Truly magical & I absolutely love it! Super fast shipping & exactly what I needed!! 
-- Amanda  (June, 2020 - bought our Celestial Star Athame/Letter Opener with Pink Rose Quartz)

Wonderful quality! I got it (the mother and baby elephants) for my mom as a mothers day present and she adored it. It's clearly hand-made and feels a lot more personal than something off department store shelves. 
-- Theodosia  (May, 2020)

Wonderful quality! I got it (the mother and baby elephants) for my mom as a mothers day present and she adored it. It's clearly hand-made and feels a lot more personal than something off department store shelves. 
-- Theodosia  (May, 2020)

I really like the wizard figurine I bought from you, particularly the way the light changes the colors of the crystal on the staff. Delivery was incredibly fast and the figure was well packaged. 
-- John  (May, 2020)

The baby dragon in the egg is so stinkin cute! Perfect addition to my collection of dragons. 
-- Janelle (May, 2020)

This is going to go lovely with my Moonstone crystal ball. 
-- Lythia (May, 2020 - bought our Celestial Moon and Star stand)

My athame is beautifully made! Super fast shipping, will definitely buy from them again! Thank you!! 
-- Christina (May, 2020)

My item was packaged with care, the shipping was fast, and the quality of the product is amazing! I'm very happy I ordered from Pewter Manor! 
-- Riley (May, 2020)

My athame is absolutely beautiful, exactly what I pictures and more. Thankyou so very much. 
-- Sheena (May, 2020)

Sweet little fairies for our fairy house. Love that each has a different pose. 
-- Roxie (April, 2020 - bought our set of 8 little fairies with crystal accents)

My pink rose quartz athame is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I will definitely be buying again!! 
-- Michaela (April, 2020)

I have recently ordered a few items from you and I must say I am so pleased with them! I ahve scoured the internet for many miniatures/fantasy products and nothing catches my attention and love as much as the few things I have gotten from you! The detail is stunning on the figures and they are exactly the type of vintage, fantastic, fantasy products I adore. Thank you for the attention you give your customers as well! I cannot wait to get more in the future! 
-- Alexander (April, 2020 - Second Order)

I just wanted to let you know I received my order and I love it so much. The craftsmanship is wonderful! I will be ordering more in the future, thank you! 
-- Alexander (April, 2020)

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly! It's hard to decide which is my favorite figurine...everything is so lovely! 
-- Julia (April, 2020)

My husband has been looking for a holder for his dragon egg he made. It pretty much fits perfect and doesn't fall over like the others he has tried. Thanks for the item! (NOTE: She bought our newest large five claw dragon stand that can take a 100mm ball.) 
-- Angela (April, 2020)

All my new dragons are perfect and the detail on each is outstanding. I'm glad I found your site and I'm sure I'll be back. 
-- Randy (April, 2020)

Oh my goodness I got my order!! I couldn't be happier with every single thing in my box, but Marlee is amazing! I loooove the agate. It's perfect! And after talking to you, knowing you took extra care to pick it out makes it even more special. You both did such amazing work. In a world where ordering online makes things so impersonal and made it feel like I was actually in a family owned business buying from friends. Thank you both very very much. Be sure to look for my name soon because I will absolutely be ordering again!  
-- Amy (March, 2020)

The order arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled with the castles!! 
-- Wendy from Canada (February, 2020)

I forgot to let you know that my boyfriend was blown away from the pewter chess set I gave him for Christmas! Thank you!! 
-- Christina (February, 2020)

The castle with the dragon chasing a wizard is perfect and my son will love it for his pewter dragon collection. Thanks. 
-- Joyce (January, 2020)

The fairy arrived safely and is lovely. She is sleeping on a large stone from a beautiful Scottish waterfall. 
-- Rose from UK (January, 2020)

Thank you for being so patient about hearing back from me. I'm sooooo very grateful for people like you who go out of their way to accomdate a customer! The dragon got here before Christmas and my husband loved it - will definitely be visiting your shop again because of the unice designs and EXCELLENT service!!  
-- Denise  (December, 2019)

My girlfriend loved the fairies I bought from you. Thank you. I'll be visiting again in time for Valentine's Day.  
-- Marcus  (December, 2019)

I was worried for no reason, thinking that my order wouldn't reach me in time for Christmas. Everything arrived in plenty of time! Thank you!! 
-- Cathy  (December, 2019)

Thank you for my previous order. I'm very happy with the items I ordered. Nice details and workmanship. I'll be back again. I would like to see skeleton pirates. I have some and am just looking for more out there. Thanks again. 
-- John  (December, 2019)

Thank you so much for your prompt service! Can't wait to see her eyes light up with this one. 
-- Bradly  (December, 2019)

The figurines arrived today. We liked them so much, we got two more for our girls. 
-- Joe  (December, 2019)

I just received the triple dragon head stand and 100mm crystal ball...FANTASTIC!  
-- Wendy  (December, 2019)

I just received the little dragon in an egg and it's SO cute! I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend. I know she'll LOVE it.
-- Alex  (December, 2019)

Wow, my package arrived today. Thank you so much. Your service is great and I love the item. Great service and response to my previous email.
-- Dawn  (November, 2019)

Thanks so much for the angel. I just opened the box and it's beautiful! Sofia will love it.
-- Michael (November, 2019)

I just received the chess set and board and I can't wait to give them to my fiance! The certificate you included was perfect.
-- Jan (November, 2019)

OMG! I loved opening up each little bubblewrap package with all the different animals inside. You wrapped them so nicely.
-- Andrea (September, 2019)

My wife loved all the fairies and I'm now thinking I may need to get more for her for Christmas.
-- Mitch (September, 2019)

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful chess set I bought for my husband. He absolutely LOVED it and hopes to one day teach our son to play using that set.
-- Nancy (August, 2019)

We use the castles we buy from you as gifts from the tooth fairy. They're perfect. It's our hope that they get passed down to future generations. But, you just never know. A mother can only hope!
-- Jami (June, 2019)

I got my crystal ball today on the sunflower stand. It is beautiful! So Crystal clear! Thank you. 
-- Esther (June, 2019)

Just wanted to let you know I received my package today and I can't tell you how pleased I am. The pictures really didn't do these works of art justice. 
-- Jonathan (May, 2019)

My mother loves dolphin and I bought several of yours to give her for Mother's Day. I know she's going to be thrilled. The crystals are beautiful! 
-- Christine (April, 2019)

I bought one of your beautiful chess sets and it's really nice. Thank you. 
-- Al (March, 2019)

I just wanted to thank you so very much for my new chess set. It's truly beautiful! You do very good work! I am absolutely in love with this! Played my first game on it last night and haven't stopped admiring it since. 
-- Shane (February, 2019)

Thanks for keeping pewter around! I've collected fantasy pewter for years, and it's getting much harder to come by these days.
-- Joshua (February, 2019)

I'm so glad I found your site! I love everything I got from you. Some was for me and some was for my husband.
-- Anna (January, 2019)

I got my wife your cat ring holder for Christmas and she's so happy with it. Now she has a place to keep her rings safe from getting lost.
-- Jack (December, 2018)

The chess set I purchased from you for my boyfriend came just in time for Christmas. He (and I) really liked the certificate you sent with his name on it. It made it a little extra special. Thank you for such great customer service. It's something that's hard to find these days.
-- Melissa (December, 2018)

My husband LOVED the dragons I bought from you. Thank you!!
-- Apryl (December, 2018)

I used to collect fantasy pewter figurines when I was growing up and still have them to this day. I have not bought pewter in probably 30 years and I am super excited to start growing my collection again!
-- Mike (December, 2018)

I received the diorama and it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks again! Amazing work!  
-- Linnea (December, 2018) - Linnea bought one of our one-of-a-kind dioramas.

Got the figurines today, and as always, I am delighted with them. The boys will love them...especially the one walking the dog. 
-- Whitney (November, 2018)

I'm so glad I came across your site. You all are so talented! I can't wait to give my girlfriend the fairies and angel for Christmas. 
-- Adam (November, 2018)

No place I'd rather do business, good selection of very good products, and great service! 
-- Dave (November, 2018)

You all have some really great pieces. I was happy when my order arrived. Everything is great and I'll definitely be ordering again. 
-- Chad (October, 2018)

I just gave my husband one of the dragons I bought from you and he absolutely LOVED it. I can't wait till Christmas to give himt he other one I got!
-- Carrie (October, 2018)

Thank you, Gina and Richard! I enjoyed the other pieces I got from you and look forward to adding some more to my little collection.
-- Rory (August, 2018)

I've been getting my son pewter wizards from you for about five years now and I've never been disappointed in a single one. Thank you!
-- Samuel (July, 2018)

I was blown away when I opened up each of the little figurines I just received from you. The crystals are beautiful and add a little extra something to each of the pieces.
-- Blair (July, 2018)

These are awesome! You will see me again in your order in-box.
-- Pat (May, 2018)

I love the chess set! Everything is even better in person. Thank you for the certificate you included for our son. It'll make his graduation gift even a little more special.
-- Laura (May, 2018)

Thank you for providing such personal service in what has become an inpersonal world. It was like I had my own personal shopper helping me look for just the right thing for my wife for Mother's Day. 
-- Mark (April, 2018)

My package arrived safely today and the fairy looks even better than her picture. I am also very happy with the wizard. Thank your for all you did to make my shopping a very pleasant experience. I shall certainly recommend your shop.
-- Charlie (April, 2018)

I just received my order and am stunned! All of the pieces are gorgeous and even better than I imagined. The craftsmanship and care that you put into your work has most certainly won me over as a customer for life. I look forward to ordering from you again.
-- Katie (March, 2018)

I gave one of the dragons I ordered to a co-worker recently at our holiday party. He LOVED it! I always love the figurines I get from your company.  
-- Margie (December, 2017)

Excited to receive them. My young son had one of these "appear" at his fairy house in the spring and she disappeared recently after a camping trip with friends. He hopes she will return soon! So glad I finally found the same one! (and some back ups!). 
-- Kathy (December, 2017) - Kathy bought our group of 8 little fairies, each with a colorful crystal accent

Received item yesterday, beautiful! Sure my wife will love it! 
-- Leonard (December, 2017)

I wanted to let you know that I received my majestic chess set today. It is so beautiful! I know my dad and stepmom are going to love it when I give it to them for Christmas! It's even prettier in person, and the personalized certificate is really a nice touch. Thank you for the care you took with packaging every item, and your great customer service. 
-- Amber (December, 2017)

It wouldn't be Christmas without your pewter under the tree! 
-- Connie (December, 2017)

My dad is hard to buy for and I know he's going to really enjoy playing chess on the majestic chess set I ordered from you. 
-- Roger (December, 2017)

The set of 8 fairy figurines I ordered for my sister are SO cute...she's going to love them. I can't wait to see what she does with them. I'm hoping she's going to create a little fairy garden of some sort when spring comes around. Thank you very much.
-- Natalie (December, 2017)

I've been ordering Christmas gifts from your site for several years now. My order just arrived the other day and, once again, the quality of your pewter is the very best and never disappoints. 
-- Sebastian (November, 2017)

Thank you for creating such wonderful wedding favors for my recent wedding! They were a HUGE hit...everyone loved them. The wizards and fairies were perfect for our fantasy-themed wedding. I told my husband (ooh, LOVE saying that!) that we need to order something from you every year to celebrate our anniversary. No argument from him!
-- Lori (October, 2017)

I just placed an order for my daughter's 17th birthday present. I started giving her a faerie every year on the day she was born, and at about 2 or 3 years old, found your website and have ordered from you every year since. I am always so grateful for the wonderful selection you offer.
-- Michael (October, 2017)

My father absolutely LOVED the chess set I bought from you for his birthday. Thank you for including a personalized certificate for him. That made it feel even more special for him. The vibrant colors of the crystals are just magnificent and the details in the pewter is real quality!
-- Rachael (September, 2017)

You are the best. I have always very much liked what I have purchased from PEWTER MANOR.
-- Mike (September, 2017)

I wanted to thank you for my beautiful little castle. When I received it, I loved everything about it and I had meant to email you to thank you for all the communication and getting the details right! THANK YOU! I just love it!! I hope to order another in the future!!
-- Abbi (September, 2017)

Your customer service is second to none! I really appreciate the personal makes me feel like I have my own personal shopper. :) I just placed another order and can't wait to see my new goodies. 
-- Christine (September, 2017)

The dragon arrived yesterday, safe and sound and is just lovely. I know my son will be delighted.
-- Kerry from Australia (September, 2017)

I know it's probably not something that most people do, but I just wanted to thank you so very much. I received the Chess set today and it is simply beautiful. So much more than I had expected. Pictures don't do it justice.
-- Nancy from Canada (September, 2017)

I was out of town when my recent order came in and just had the change to open it up last night. Everything was in perfect condition and I appreciate the care you take in packing. You guys do fantastic work and are a first rate company to order from! When my wife, who normally has minimal interest in my more nerdier hobbies, started browsing your site she was really impressed with the quality (the animal figurines and unicorn were for her). Several of my friends have admired my collection and I always point them your way. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with next!
-- Michael  (August, 2017)

Not only do you have beautiful and detailed products, but you have the best customer service I've ever encountered! I'll definitely be back soon because Christmas is just around the corner.
-- Gerard  (August, 2017)

I LOVE my new's beautiful!
-- Krissi  (July, 2017)

I decided to start collecting Pewter figurines again on my own recently, and plan to make a bunch more orders in the future. Thank you for your incredible products and craftsmanship! (A note about this young man...his mother started buying pewter animal figurines from us for him when he was only 9 years old. It's been a couple of years, but we're happy to see him adding to his collection.)
-- Peter  (June, 2017)

Thank you for the beautiful and detailed dragon and wizard figurines I just received. I'm giving them to my husband for Father's Day and I know he's going to love them. He's been collecting for several years now and we've both found such nice pieces on your site. The artistry on the figurines is magnificent!!
-- Leslie  (June, 2017)

Just letting you know the chess set I ordered for my son Paul arrived today and thank you doesn't seem enough. What a superb chess set...I am truly in awe. Thank you so much. I am thrilled!  
-- Trish from Australia (May, 2017)

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and I am overjoyed! I especially love the jester. I used to teach English and Shakespear, so the jester is a lovely reminder of days gone by. He's a real beauty. I also want to thank you for your many considerate emails and your efficient and excellent work. I have enjoyed all the pieces which have added much to my collection.   
-- Andrea  (March, 2017)

Our son just turned 12 and we've been buying him dragon figurines from you since he was 7. He LUVS his collection! I know my husband and I will be buying him many, many more figurines for years to come!  
-- Danni  (March, 2017)

I just wanted to let you know that my little animals arrived today! They are lovely. Thank you very much for everything. 
-- Andrea  (February, 2017)

Thank you for shipping the chess set so quickly! It just arrived and it's in time for me to give to my husband for Valentine's Day! 
-- Beverly  (February, 2017)

I just wanted to let you guys know that my boyfriend absolutely loved the Loch Ness Hideaway I got him. It got here a day early and was delivered on his birthday. 
-- Tequila  (February, 2017)

The eagles look wonderful and will be just perfect for our Scouts. Thank you so much for all your help! 
-- Vickie  (January, 2017)

Christmas was a BIG hit this year with help from you! Thank you for sending my order so quickly after I ordered (and a little late...sorry about that). I appreciate the extra care you took with the figurines. 
-- Bryan  (December, 2016)

Thank you so much. My little man will be so happy. He loves the pewter animal train we got him last year. He tries to play with it, it is sooooo cute. 
-- Amber from Canada (December, 2016)

Thank you once again for the great service and quality products! 
-- David (December, 2016)

Many thanks for your guidance through the ordering process. I am not a computer gal and your personal touch was refreshing - wish there could be more of it! 
-- Arlene (December, 2016)

My wife and I have been ordering gifts for our son for at least 7 years now and we haven't been disappointed once. 
-- Dustin (November, 2016)

She is wonderful, as is her companion agate :) and she will have a lovely new home here in England. 
-- Gill from England (November, 2016)

Thank you so much! Your personal touch is refreshing! 
-- Kathryn (November, 2016)

Just received my order today and now I can say my Christmas shopping is DONE! Your figurines are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! 
-- Cindy (November, 2016)

I just wanted to let you know I received the boxes and they are amazing!! I am going to set them up in a nice display with a few of my new decks and post the picture on my facebook tarot groups....everyone is going to go mad for them! :)
-- Gayla (September, 2016)

I have some of my Christmas shopping done already. The figurines I ordered for my children are adorable and I know they'll cherish them for years to come. Thank you for having such a wonderful assortment of cute, cute animals.
-- Missy (September, 2016)

The athame just arrived today, and it's absolutely beautiful! The vines are more detailed and delicate than on the picture, and the crystals are bright. Truly feels magical. 10/10, I'm very satisfied with your shop.
-- Petra from Czech Republic (August, 2016)

The package arrived yesterday, and the figurines are even cooler than pictured online. You guys do a beautiful job. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future.
-- Paul (April, 2016)

The crystal ball I bought from you earlier was a big hit in our competition theatre play of the Ghost. Thank you so much. I will definitely be bookmarking your website for future purchases.
-- Tonya (March, 2016)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the chess piece and appreciate the prompt service! Thank you so much! Look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
-- Marti (March, 2016)
NOTE: Marti bought a replacement chess piece after one was lost in a move.

My husband loved the pieces I game him for Christmas. His birthday is Saturday and I know he'll love these just as much. Love your site and your merchandise. Thank you!!
-- Christine (March, 2016)

The crystal ball and dragon standare amazing! Kudos to you! Thank you! Look forward to doing business with you again!
--Aric (March, 2016)

My nephew loved the wizards and dragons we gave him for Christmas. His birthday is coming up soon and we'll be ordering again.
-- Emily (January, 2016)

I just wanted to let you know that I receive the item today in great shape. Thanks for the excellent packaging and super fast shipping.
-- Chris (January, 2016)

BEST figurines I've ever found! I've been buying from you for five years now and will continue to do so for a long, long time!!!
-- Janyce (December, 2015)

I purchased the dragons for my Mother who loves pewter Dragons. It's been a tradition every year to buy them for her. I came across your website by accident and am VERY satisfied with the service and the way you run your business. I was only going to buy the one dragon, and then later decided to get the other. I appreciate that you recognized the same addresses. You have earned a loyal pewter customer and I look forward to making some more purchases from you in the future.
-- Natalie (December, 2015)

I just received the pewter pieces. They're so awesome. My husband is going to love the crystal ball!
-- Criss (December, 2015)

Once again, you have gone above and beyond. Beautiful piece! My wife will love it!
-- Leonard (December, 2015)

I have purchased pewter castles from you for a few years now and have never been disappointed. You are good people to do business with.
-- Linda (December, 2015)

We received our package today. The figures we received are beautiful! The girls are so happy with them and are looking forward to giving them to their dad for Christmas. I am sure we will be ordering from you again in the future.
-- Fran (December, 2015)

My wizard came and I absolutely love it. It made a great addition to my collection. THANKYOU!!!
-- Gary (December, 2015)

I just got home from a long trip and opened the package. I want to thank you for packaging it extremely well. My wife is going to love adding this Pewter Manor dragon to her growing collection.
-- Christopher (December, 2015)

My crystal ball and stand just arrived in the post. I am so amazed at how quickly it arrived. Thank you so much, it is for my husband's Christmas present. I am sure he will be really happy with it (I know I am) as he has been looking at them on your website for some time now.
-- Cherie from Australia (December, 2015)

I've never ordered on line before, so I really wasn't sure what I was going to get. There was NO reason to be worried...the figures I ordered from your company are fantastic! I'll be back for more next year.
-- Dennis (December, 2015)

Are my grandkids ever going to be happy this year! The wizards, dragons, fairies, and unicorns I ordered are all so beautiful. Who's going to be the #1 grandmother this year? I am!!!
-- Gail (December, 2015)

Our speakers love to receive these wizards! I have had one repeat presenter tell me his daughter wants his wizards left in his will to her.
-- Catherine (October, 2015)

Thanks for the extremely fast shipment. The crystal ball and stand are even more beautiful than I expected. I am a very happy customer! I hope to do business with u again soon!
-- Freda (October, 2015)

I just wanted to let you know that I received mypackage today and everything was perfect. The pictures really don't do it justice. I could not get over how detailed and shiny everything looked in person. I was truly impressed.
-- Taylor from Canada (October, 2015)

I just received my first order from you guys and I must say I love them already. The packing was great and the figurines themselves are in great shape. Just wanted to say thanks!
-- Chris (October, 2015)

Got it, it's perfect. Building an N gauge train layout, have a few tunnels going under a mountain. One side is open for access. I figured if I had a mountain, it needed a dragon and horde inside it! :)
-- Shaun (October, 2015)

You always take great care with your packaging and prompt delivery!
-- Sandra (October, 2015)

I've very happy with my Fairy on crystal ball. She is very beautiful. You have a nice website that's very easy to look for things. Great customer service and hope to do business again in the future. Bright Blessings.
-- Elizabeth (September, 2015)

What great customer service! YOU called me to let me know it looked like I had made a mistake, and, sure enough, I had. Thank you for catching that. I'll be ordering again soon for the holidays.
-- Christopher (August, 2015)

Wow! My package arrived SO quickly! I really like everything I ordered. The figurines were packed so carefully and I appreciate that.
-- Amanda (August, 2015)

I received my parcel today in record time. Thanks so much. I LOVE everything and have already placed all my bits and pieces around the house. I am now very well protected by the power of Merlin and dragon energy.
-- Miranda from Australia (August, 2015)

Just received the item today and it is exactly what I had hoped for.  Thank you again for a great transaction and wonderful communication!!
-- Pat (July, 2015)

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help, accommodating my additions to my order and for shipping so quickly. The pieces are beautiful. The wizard was a gift for my husband and it totally made his day.
-- Jolene  (May, 2015)

Thank you! I received my order today. Everything looks great! Have a great day!
-- Vanessa (May, 2015)

Thank you so very much for the push to get the glasses here on time; I truly appreciate it. Not everyone goes out of their way. I think this wedding will go well. I am so very excited.
-- Cecelia (March, 2015)

Received my order today! All the pieces are lovely, thank you for the great product and good service.
-- Darlene (March, 2015)

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive this package intact and that the wife loved it! It was her 15th Wedding Anniversary gift.
-- Chuck (March, 2015)

Wow! I received the order today and it is absolutely perfect! What great gifts they will be for my daughters. It's been a pleasure working with you.
-- Ann (November, 2014)

So you know, I've been giving my daughter a pewter fairy every year since the day she was born. She's turning 14 at the end of the month, so that's 15 years of fairies. When she turned four or five, I made the discovery, days before her birthday, that the store I always went to had closed. I looked at a number of websites, and was fortunate to settle on yours. After I placed my order and explained the situation, you shipped the fairie the same day priority mail (which you didn't charge me for) and called me to let me know that everything was okay. I've been coming to you ever since. Thank you for doing what you do. You guys are wonderful!
-- Michael (November, 2014)

I received my crystal ball today. I'm delighted with it. I love it!
-- Ellen from England (November, 2014)

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I received my order yesterday. Everything is perfect! Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and excellent packaging!
-- Melissa (October, 2014)

Thank you for the extra customer service ... it really is a pleasure working with people who obviously love their work. Thank you! For sure, I'll be back for more.
-- Bruce from Guam (September, 2014)

OMG, the stand is absolutely gorgeous! I thought it was going to be lovely, but has surpassed my expectations! I'll definitely be ordering more when I get paid!         
-- Michelle from England (August, 2014)
NOTE: Michelle bought our beautiful Celestial Moon and Star Stand that holds a crystal ball.

Hi, I received my order today and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love every piece. The shipping was fast and the packaging was really good as well. Thanks again.
-- Gregg (August, 2014)

Just wanted you guys to know that I received my order today. The ball is absolutely beautiful! And I could feel the great energy from it as soon as I held it in my hands! Thank you so much and Blessed Be!!
-- Jossie (July, 2014)

Thank you, the delivery was fast and the service great. I love the ball and stand. I have recommended you to my facebook friends.
-- Ed (July, 2014)

I had been looking for D&D figurines for a long, long time and am SO happy to have found your site. I'll definitely be back for me. I love the satin finish you put on your figurines. And the price is great, too!
-- Bert (June, 2014)

I am very satisfied with the pieces that I purchased, and they have found a good home with the rest of my wizards, fairies, dragons and the like, which are prominently displayed in a glass cabinet. I will definitely be placing another order with you in the future!
-- Sarah (June, 2014)

I'd like to say I'm really impressed with your website and your professionalism. I am just starting a collection of pewter items I think is going to center around castles. Everything that I've experienced with your company has really made me decide that I've found one of the best places to supply me with my new collection. Thank you again for everything and I'll be looking forward to receiving  my order. I hope you all have a great day and are able to make someones day just as great.
-- Curtis from Canada (May, 2014)

I am absolutely delighted with the fairies, they are all so unique and will enhance my collection beautifully.
-- Alicemary (March, 2014)

I liked the first figure so much I had to get a couple more! We have always been impressed with your business and this just sealed the deal.
-- Britney (December, 2013)

I received my package yesterday (12/14) and just wanted to let you know everything arrived safely because of your wonderful packing. I can't wait until Christmas to see the looks on the faces of my husband, son and son-in-law all of whom are going to be recipients of one or more of these great dragons. Thanks for your speedy service.
-- Debbie (December, 2013)

I'm very happy with all the Rawcliffe and Perth figurines I ordered from you. The prices are some of the best on or off the internet. Great packing, too. Keep up the great work. I'll be buying more in the new year.
-- Lou (December, 2013)

This pewter dragon is unbelievable ... much nicer than I had expected! My father has collected pewter dragons for a very long time and it's getting harder and harder for me to find them :-) I am saving your website and I will be back for more!!!
-- Christina (December, 2013)

The chess set arrived today and it's FANTASTIC! I can't wait to give it to my husband for Christmas...he's going to L-O-V-E it!
-- Marie (December, 2013)

I wanted to email and say thank you So much for getting the Dragon I ordered to us so quickly and let you know that my husband LOVED it. We are big dragon fans and collect what we can. Also my husbands favorite color is the dark blue so this one was perfect for him!
-- Jennifer (November, 2013)

I would like to thank you for my dragons. I received them yesterday and I am very pleased. I am very hesitant ordering items on the net, however in this case I am glad I did. I have quite the collection and these pieces will fit right in. I look forward to doing business with you again.
-- Johnnie (November, 2013)

Got my new shipment and just wanted to tell you how great it is.  I am super pleased with everything, thank you so much!  I plan on ordering again soon!
-- Mark (June, 2013)

I am speechless (and that is not easy for me).  I am so pleased with my latest purchase.  Thanks again and I'm so happy.  Pewter Manor ... you folks rock!
-- Jackie (June, 2013)

Got my package today, and like always, love everything! I've never been disappointed with an order from Pewter Manor. You do great work, and I appreciate the careful wrapping and expedient shipping! Thanks again, I seriously love each piece! :)
-- Brienna (June, 2013)

I just wanted to let you know I got a chance to go to the post office today.  The stand is absolutely beautiful!  The choice of crystals you used looks amazing!  Thank you.  I couldn't be happier with the stand.
-- Val (May, 2013)

I just received my new pieces today, they all look really cool.  Thank you for putting the orders together.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.
-- Carlo (February, 2013)

Thank You.  I just picked up this beautiful Crystal Ball.  It is absolutely stunning.  It has been given a center spot in my room and is a commanding presence.
-- Karen (February,2013)

Thank you so much for being so quick to ship. I have a beautiful pewter collection of hundreds of pewter figurines and everything that I have received from you have been excellent additions.
-- Wendy (February, 2013)

I just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping and wonderful product.  I placed my first order this Monday and already received it.  The product is great!  We will be ordering more soon.
-- Alison (February, 2013)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my most recent order today.  My Fairy Crystal Orb figurines arrived perfectly safe as usual.  I also received the castles. Oh, the castles!!  They are beautiful.  I can't stop picking them up and just turning them all around and looking at them.  It is amazing how every little detail of the castle is so defined.  Each stone, each window, the doorways and the winding paths.  And on the staircases, every step is so detailed.  And the beautiful colored crystals just make them become magical!!  I love them.  I will definitely be back for more of these.  Thank you again for the beautiful products you sell and for the careful shipping of these delicate items
-- Deanne (February, 2013)

The first order with the dragons was awesome!!  Quality, price, condition, satin finish...truly the best of the best.  I do flip items but when pirces come along that are "keepers" I add to my collection.  Every dragon was a keeper.  You are truly good people, understanding, very detailed information on each piece, and superior "customer" service!  And the price vs. the quality...just far above anything I have experienced on-line.
-- Kyle (February, 2013)

I love your shop!  And mostly your service!  I bought some orb fairy figurines from another seller and three arrived broken.  The ones that I bought from you were packaged so carefully and all arrived perfectly safe.  I will not ever purchase my collectibles from anyone but Pewter Manor.  You guys are great!!
-- Deanne (January, 2013)
Thank you for the speedy delivery, these are such beautiful trinkets.
-- Kim (January, 2013)
Greetings! I received “Gazing Wizard” yesterday and couldn’t be happier. The piece arrived quickly and was protected extremely well for shipment. My sister-in-law is going to love this figurine – it’s just as beautiful as the photo.  I’ll definitely be doing business with you again and will recommend you to anyone looking to find great pewter figurines. Thank you so much!
-- Normandy (December, 2012)
Thanks for the great service and products that you offer.  My wife and I very please with the quality of all the pieces we received and can't wait to give the gifts out.  I am sure that all the people I am giving the pewter gifts to will cherish and enjoy for many years. You have some very wonderful items and they all look so good I can't decide which to get next.
-- Pete (December, 2012)
We got the dragons and they are beautiful!  My daughter absolutely loves them and so do I!  Thanks again for your help and thorough customer service!
-- Joan (December, 2012)
I just received my 2 orders and love them! One is a Christmas gift for a friend, he loves gargoyles and agate the one I purchased is perfect! The detail is awesome. Thanks guys! Will be ordering from you again soon.
-- Amber (December, 2012)
Thanks so much for the pretty fairy, just what I had been looking for!
-- Jeanne (November, 2012)
Received the order today!-----------------Wow!-----Great!  The Loch Ness Hideaway is terrific.  The blue of the agate is outstanding.  I am really pleased.
-- Jim (October, 2012)
I appreciate the marvelous collectibles that you carry and it is a pleasure ordering from your business.  Thank you so much.
-- Kate (August, 2012)
My dragons arrived this morning and I just had to let you know they are gorgeous.  Thank you for your prompt delivery and the packaging was excellent.  I will be ordering more in the very near future.
-- Mary Anne from Australia (May, 2012)
I love the figures...great detail on them.  I am in a nursing home and I don't walk, but these make me very happy.  I used to collect them when I was a kid, but never had the money for the good ones.  I have bought some elsewhere, but yours are by far the best looking for the price.
-- Robert (April, 2012)
Just got the order today, and besides complimenting you on the fine packaging job for a such difficult dragon, I wanted to thank Richard for the Gandalf piece.  His workmanship on the pieces never fails to amaze us.  It takes a steady hand and an eye for detail, but I’m sure he enjoys it.
-- Bill (April, 2012)
I just got my fairies in the mail!  I just wanted to let you know that they are beautiful and that I loooooove them!!!
-- Jade (March, 2012)
I have to say that, when Chris opened his 'knight in shining armour', he was speechless (and that doesn't happen often). It now has pride of place on the mantle piece.  So thank you once again for your excellent service.
-- Ann (January, 2012)
The kids were absolutely ecstatic over their gifts!  Joshua was so cool about his gifts.  As he was opening them, he was putting them all together and telling everyone a story, about how the wizard had to slay a dragon and he had to get the magic pearl from off the bridge and how everything ended up needing to come together because the pearl was the key to going through the porthole.  LOL  It was an awesome story and he had everyone captivated by it.  He was so cute!  I wish you could have seen him.  Thank you both so much for making this a very special day!
-- Barry (December, 2011)
Just thought you might like to know - the gifts were a delightful surprise.   (It was nice to be able to do something for my husband that he did not expect!)  He is enjoying both the ark and the frog.  Thanks again!
-- Janet (December, 2011)
My husband loved it. Very nice and great size.  I will be ordering from you again.
-- Nicole (December, 2011)
We received your package yesterday, and I am thrilled!  My kids and niece and nephew will LOVE their dragons/fairies!  I am so happy to have found your site, and you will hear from me again in the future.  Thanks so much, also, for your kind and attentive customer service.  Such  a rare and appreciated gift!
-- Mary (December, 2011)
I wanted to compliment you on your work, I have bought plenty of pewters from you guys as recent as 6 more today. It is hard to find pieces this detailed and neat. Keep up the good work!
-- Jason (December, 2011)
Just a line to let you guys know I received my order today.  Perfect as usual, my wife will love these to add to her
collection.   I have purchased from you the last few years, love your store! Thanks once again.
-- Leonard (December, 2011)
Thank you so very much!  I love shopping your site with all my heart.  The pieces are exquis te and a site to behold.  My boyfriend has been delighted with each and every one.  This year, I even put in my own wish list from your site lol.   Keep up the great work! 
-- Jacqueline (December, 2011)
I received the pewter figures and they arrived safe and sound.  I know my boys are going to love them.  Thank you again.
-- Carmella (December, 2011)

Thanks again for all you do and making life a little more enjoyable with the products you provide.  Fantasy is fun.
-- Sue (November, 2011)
Just stumbled  across your web site.  I have recently moved into a new house, and am looking for chess pieces to adorn my antique chess table.  One word: WOW!  It is 30+ years since I played chess "in anger", and have completely fallen in love with your chess sets!!!!!  They are ab-so-lutely beautiful.  I will be ordering one in the VERY near future....only problem is deciding which one to go for...Thank you for taking the time to create such wonderful works.
-- Ian (October, 2011)
My castles are stunning and I totally luv them.
-- Tauhera from South Africa (October, 2011)

I wanted to write a note expressing my happiness with the products.  I am thrilled with everything!  Everything was carefully packed and arrived quickly.  I love it all and will definitely be placing more orders.  Thank you!
-- Brienna (October, 2011)
Many, many thanks.  :-)  I received my order today and I love it.
-- Syndia from Germany (September, 2011)
I received the figure in the mail yesterday in good condition.  You did a great job wrapping and packaging it!  Thank you so much for your attention and prompt processing of my purchase from you, and refunding the overpayment.  It was a pleasure dealing with you.
 -- Carol (September, 2011)
You have the best customer service hands down that I have experienced in a very long time! 
 -- Liliana (August, 2011)
Just a little note to acknowledge safe arrival in England of the little Rawcliffe castle and its absolutely gorgeous, so very thrilled with it - thank you very much indeed. Its always such a pleasure buying from you, always guaranteed the best customer service you could ever possibly dream of & sure to be back again real soon. Thank you again so much. 
 -- Susan from
England (August, 2011)
Received the parcel today. Magnificent. Thanks very much for the excellent service.
-- Harry from Australia (August, 2011)
My package arrived today. Garrett and Dean were very excited to get their dragons and Keith loved the castle. Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service.
 -- Sarah (July, 2011)
The items arrived today and they are lovely, thank you!!!! I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future. I just love those crystal glass balls - love the blue ones too. 
 -- Elaine (June, 2011)
The package arrived earlier and I just opened and unwrapped everything. I love them!!!!! Absolutely perfect for my office desk/shelves where I write (somehow pewter fairies and wizards help bring creativity to writing fiction, or so it seems). Thanks again and will keep looking at your site to get more in the future :)
 -- Elaine (May, 2011)
Dear Gina & Richard, I have received my order in perfect condition. The items are beautiful & at fantastic prices.
 -- Pam (March, 2011)
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the 3 pewter figures. You guys have surpassed yourselves with these! I have wanted the Designer Grim Reaper for months now, and I'm so glad I finally bought it! A big, heavy, menacing, finely detailed figure. I love the others too - just had to have the droll Jester, and the Computer Wizard is fun too.  Your selection is great and your prices quite reasonable, and of course, the very well-packed shipment I know will arrive safely. I have had pewter figures from eBay broken in the US mail. Yours - never!  Thanks again - I'll be ordering again soon!  Blessed Be and Merry Met in this wonderful springtime.
 -- Mel (March, 2011)

My figurines arrived today and they look great!  It only took them two days to arrive and they look even better in person than they did on your website.  I've been collecting pewter figurines since I was a little girl, but since the early 2000's most of the stores I used to purchase them from have either gone out of business or no longer stock pewter.  I was so thrilled to find your website; it has better selection and much better prices than any store I've ever visited!  I've never gotten an embellished piece before, but your designs are very tasteful and my new figurines fit right in with the rest of my collection.  I can't wait to come back and buy more from you.  Thank you so much!
 -- Abigail (February, 2011)

Thanks so much for shipping our first order so quickly. Your on-line photos do not do your products justice....the fairy wand is sooo much more beautiful!  We can't wait to give it to our new granddaughter, AFIA.  She is named after the story of Fia, who was the fairy born without wings...thru great deeds, etc., she later was given golden wings and became Princess of the Fairies!  How fun is that?  Her brother, Avery, age 5 is really into magic...he has special powers you know!  Can't wait for our next order and to give him the wizard box and sword.  It certainly has been a very pleasant experience ordering from you.  Thanks for providing such wonderful products and amazing service.
 -- Linda (January, 2011)

Happy to tell you that my fairy arrived today and she is stunning! Love her! I will be placing another order soon, thank you.
 -- Angela in the United Kingdom (January, 2011)

I am so impressed with these magical figurines, and had to buy more for some gifts!
 -- Anne (January, 2011)

Hope you had a very nice you can see I placed another order with you today . I did get my package yesterday,Monday, just like you said I would are the best.  That dragon is so cool I want one for my self....and I got the others in the set.  I love pewter dragons as you can see.  Thank you again for the quick shipping & also the GREAT packing no troubles with the pieces..  secure & intact ...TY
 -- Lori (December, 2010)

The Knights Templar Dragon has arrived!!  It looks amazing...thank you so much.  My wife will love this for Christmas. 
 -- Jason (December, 2010)

THANK YOU!!!  I am very happy with the two wizards I ordered from you.  They are very nice and I am really impressed with the Michael Ricker Wizard.  Thank you and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  Happy Holiday's. 
-- Harold and Connie (December, 2010)

I placed an order a couple of weeks ago, and I would just like to say a very Big THANK YOU! The products were even better than I thought they would be (no offense)
I'm extremely thankful, and I will definitely be back to your website to buy more things.
-- Aleshia from Australia (December, 2010)

THANK YOU so much for the quick delivery of the item I ordered.  Then thank you for the exquisite quality of Daphne!!!  WOW!!  She stunned me when I opened the package.  She will be given to my partner for a Christmas present and my partner will adore her!  I just wanted to express my thanks and sincere appreciation of your products.
-- Anne (December, 2010)

Received my order today. your product is beautiful! It is a Christmas gift for my sister. She will love it. Thank you.
-- Janet (December, 2010)

I wanted to thank you again for your amazing figurines, I have only purchased from your company for pewter.  You have taken care of me when I wanted a change, and have been prompt with your attention to me.  Best is that my wife loves them.  Keep up the great work and quality.
-- Jason (December, 2010)

I received my order and would like to tell you that I am more than pleasantly surprised at the great quality of your product. You have a great selection and beautiful workmanship at grat prices.  My daugher-in-law will be pleased with the gifts this Christmas.  I have put you in my favorites and will be ordering from you again.
-- Georgia (December, 2010)

I have to say I love your store, and the lay out of the web page was great! You guys have great products for great prices, I have seen similar products at the local flea markets going for a lot more. I was also happy when I got an order confirmation, and e-mail telling me my payment went through, and an e-mail telling me that my package was sent out. I don't do a whole lot of shopping on-line, but the rush of school, work, and buying a house kinda forced me into it this year. I have to say that this has be my best on-line shopping experience so far. Will be doing bushiness with you guys again, my old man loves pewter dragons and you all have plenty of them. Thanks again and have a merry Christmas.
-- Michael (November, 2010)

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for my order, which arrived yesterday safe and sound. The pewter figures are wonderful - just what I wanted!  I have bookmarked your web site and will return often. You guys have the best selection and prices.  Happy Samhain! Thanks again!
-- Mel  (October, 2010)

Thanks so much!  My chess set arrived, very well packaged.  My son will love this.
-- Marsha  (August, 2010)

I just received the faerie (Dina) that I ordered for my faerie-goddess-daughter and I am so thrilled with it! I buy her a pewter faerie every year for her birthday and I just couldn't find one that I liked in any of the stores I usually go to. I decided to try online and found your site; love it!  I will be shopping thru your site on a regular basis.  I love your site, the care you put into your products, and your personal touches to everything. May you be blessed with much happiness and great success in all you do.  Thank you!
-- Valkyrie  (July, 2010)

We received the chess set today-my husband and his friend are “breaking it in” with a birthday game. He really loves it-we thank you and appreciated doing business with you both!
-- Tammy  (July, 2010)

I just wanted to tell you that I have received the castles that I ordered and they were delivered here very quickly.  I looked at them and they are so beautiful.  I bought them for a dear friend of mine for her birthday.  She collects pewter castles.  She is going to love these for her collection.  I will be ordering more of them in the future.  And you can't beat your prices.  They are fantastic.  Thank you again and have a wonderful week.
-- Janet  (June, 2010)

Just got the goblets, my girlfriend loved them. Thanks! =)
-- Anthony  (June, 2010)

I just want to thank you for expediting my order in such a professional manner. If its one thing that keeps me going back to a company its service (quality too). I cant wait to give my girlfriend her new addition.
-- Michael  (April, 2010)

I spent an entire day researching the best prices for such pewter figurines.  You had the best products and prices, but I had no idea that you also had such delightful service.
-- Robert  (February, 2010)

Thank you for the fairy.  It was one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen in a while and at a great price.  Thank you again and I will be ordering from you soon.
-- Dee  (January, 2010)

When I asked each person in the family what they thought the best present that received it was an easy answer for Tom, he said it was the pewter. He has to clean his glass shelves and add the new pieces onto them. When he does, I will send you some pictures. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the two of you are and because of you, your site, inventory, quality and service are of the highest integrity on the web. You will always be my only source of pewter for as long as I can order!  Hope you had the most wonderful holidays and remember you helped to make Santa's job a dream come true!
-- Carolee (January, 2010)

Thank you for shipping so quickly after I ordered so late.  :-)  Everything arrived in time for Christmas and was fantastic!  I'll be ordering from you for birthdays this year and you can bet you'll get another order from me when Christmas rolls around again.  Happy new year!
-- LeeAnn  (December, 2009)

The fairies were beautiful. Zach's mom has been collecting for quite some time and we have been picking up fairies here and there, but your fairies are one of a kind. We will only buy from you, from now on. We have also referred you too his siblings. We are very satisfied with both pieces.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
-- Emily and Zachary  (December, 2009)

The dragons I got for my father are going to be the BEST thing he'll get this year for Christmas!!!  I can't wait until his birthday so I can get him more.  Merry Christmas!!!
-- Marcia  (December, 2009)

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your web site, products and the way you conduct your business.  Many could and should take a lesson from you!  I am looking forward to receiving my order and will be shopping again!  Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.
-- Dee  (December, 2009)

I bought a set of your Cobalt Blue Goblets with Pewter Dragon Accents last year as a Christmas gift for my brother. He loved them and asked for another pair so he would have a set of 4, so I'm back again. I wanted to tell you how much I like your work and your prices too. You make Christmas shopping for a Dragon Lover easy and affordable. I have also thought of getting others gifts from you. You will see me again in the can bet on that.
-- Julie  (December, 2009)

Once again you've outdone yourself.   The Lakemoor Dragon is Fantastic.   I couldn't be happier, and I'm sure my nephew whom I buy these figures from you for will be very happy.  He loved the Grim Reaper last year and said it was the best yet but I think he'll really like this one. I think this is the 8th year I've gotten his figurine from Pewter Manor and I don't even look anywhere else. I really appreciate your craftsmanship and your very fair pricing. Keep offering these wonderful pieces for people like us who can appreciate them.
-- Frank  (November, 2009)

I received a pewter chess set as a present last December.  I meant to write and check out your website before, but here we are at the end of October 10 months later. I love the chess set. It was a wonderful gift and the closest thing my family has found to a chess set I saw as a child in Jackson Hole on a family trip (we lived in Jersey...well we all still do). It was too expensive and I too young and they now regret not getting it. Your set satiated my 18 year desire for that set. I no longer google image search chess sets as I did about 4 times a year hoping to see the set I had seen when I was 12. So as odd as it sounds to write something so extensive in a world of disposable things, I really thank you for the set. I hope I have adequately expressed my pleasure because I want you to understand.
-- Steve  (October, 2009)

I just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful products! I JUST opened up the medieval king and castle in the mist and both are breathtakingly beautiful. My father collects these so I ordered them for him for Christmas, and I must say I will definitely be ordering more for future gift giving opportunities. Thank you so much again!
-- Amanda  (October, 2009)

 Just a note to let you know the wizard arrived in perfect condition, my son was so thrilled with it, the best one in his collection.  He said he was amazed at the quality. T hank you so much for your help.  I will be ordering from you in the future.
-- Sandralee (August, 2009)

Got the order this afternoon. It was waiting for me when I got home from work. Was extremely pleased with both. The little dragon is just perfect. I know I now have a great place to find those unique gifts I need for friends and family's birthdays and special days.
-- Pat (June, 2009)

More treasures for my collection!  I know I'll be back for more.  I'm going to be doing my pewter shopping here...what a GREAT selection.  You all are so talented!
 -- Jessie (May, 2009)

I received my 150mm clear crystal ball and the energy and brilliance of this orb is exquisite!  I placed it on a black velvet stand and the energy was superb.  I had a blue stand also, so I moved it onto it.  The positive energy seemed to amplify on the blue velvet and there was an immediate hazing of the ball.  I see many positive readings in the future with this crystal. It is absolutely outstanding.                                                         
-- Chris (May, 2009)

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