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Many of our Fairies would look great in a Fairy Garden,
especially our smaller Fairies!


FR012 -- Fairy Dawn - Faceted Ball  

Just under 6" high overall with a 4 1/2" wingspan

This fairy has her arms outstretched welcoming a new day. She has an iridescent aurora-borealis crystal accent and stands on a 40mm clear faceted crystal ball. Beneath the crystal ball is a pewter leaf base. She has a hand-buffed Satin Matte Finish. 



FR002 -- Fairy on Crescent Moon

Just under 3 1/4" high

This fairy is resting on a crescent moon while catching a sparkling aurora-borealis crystal star. We've highlighted her wings lightly with a sparkling crystal effect. There are two other aurora-borealis crystal star accents. The cloud base is also accented with three aurora-borealis crystals. She has a Satin Matte Finish. 



FR172 -- Fairy Goddess

3 5/8" high

This fairy goddess has beautiful sparkling crushed crystal wings. A single aurora-borealis crystal accents her. She is rising above an iridescent glass orb (color may vary). This figurine has a Satin Finish.  

The archway shown with the fairy is available separately on our Crystals, Agates & More page.


FR028 -- Fairy Group

Range from 3/4" high to 1 1/2" high

This is a highly detailed grouping of EIGHT little fairies, each holding assorted colored crystals. These little fairies are waiting for a good home like yours to fly around in (or perhaps you have a little fairy house in your garden where they can live and have fun). Each fairy breaks down to $3.56.



FR001 -- Fairy Rising  

2 1/8" high

This fairy is rising up above a clear crystal ball. There are lavender purple crystal accents. The fairy has a hand-buffed satin matte finish. 


FR176 -- Marlee

1 3/4" high

(measurement does not include the agate base which will vary from photo)

Marlee is resting on a toadstool after playing with the Gnomes all day in the enchanted forest of Truesburry. Her wings are highlighted with a sparkling crystal effect. Iridescent green and golden topaz crystals accent the toadstool and there is a sparkling crystal fireball by Swarovski below. She has a Satin Matte Finish.

  $15.99 -- On Agate

  $14.99 -- No Agate


FR006 -- Fairy on Leaf

2 1/4" long x 3/4" high x 1 1/4" deep

Our little fairy is fast asleep after a long flight through stormy skies. An aurora-borealis crystal dew drop is beside her. Her wings are accented with a sparkling crystal effect. The fairy has a hand-buffed satin matte finish


FR059 -- Fairy's Dragonfly Ride  

2 1/8" high

This fairy is taking a ride on the back of her favorite dragonfly that protects her enchanted garden. Her wings and the wings of the dragonfly are accented in a colorful sparkling crystal effect. The dragonfly has iridescent golden topaz crystal eyes and there are three aurora-borealis crystal accents on the figurine as well. The fairy has a Satin Matte Finish. 

The archway shown with the fairy is available separately on our Crystals, Agates & More page.


FR169 -- Gaia  - Suncatcher or Ornament!

RETIRED and Limited Availability!

3" high

Gaia is a hanging fairy that can be put in your window or used as an ornament. She comes with clear line attached to her so hanging is easy. She holds a sparkling crystal in one hand. Her wings are accented (both front and back) with beautiful sparkling blue crystals. 


ANG02 -- Little Angel Girl

1 1/2" high

This little angel girl reminds us of a Precious Moments angel. There is an aurora-borealis crystal accent.

  $6.29  DEAL - Buy 3 for ONLY $6.29

ANG13 -- Angel of Dreams

1 5/8" high

This little pewter angel is accented with a colorful Swarovski crystal. She stands on an iridescent white glass ball and a pewter base. Let this little angel help make your dreams come true.



ANG05 -- Angel Girl     

RETIRED and Limited Availability!

2 3/4" high

This pewter angel girl has blue crystal eyes and wears a crystal halo. She holds flowers with blue crystal centers and some golden leaves. More blue crystals accent the bottom of her gown. This figurine has a hand-buffed Satin Matte Finish.



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