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and are NOT the manufacturer of these figurines.

All figurines are done in a museum-quality satin buff finish.
Many are done by the Old Masters who still design fantasy pieces today which are sold worldwide.
Some may increase in value.



PP266 -- Archangel Michael Fighting the Dragon     


RETIRED and ONE  Available

5 5/8" high

This detailed and dramatic figurine depicts the Archangel Michael battling the dragon. There are two faceted Swarovski fireball crystals accenting the base. There is an aquablue marquise-shaped crystal accenting Michael's shield and the dragon has red crystal eyes. This figurine was created by Tom Meier in 1990. 

CLICK on the image to see more of this highly detailed piece.



PP17 -- Frost Troll


Retired and ONE  Available

Just under 2 1/4" high

This mighty and giant is ready to do battle with any human he comes into contact with. He means business and wields a double headed battle axe. His base is stamped "Partha Pewter", c. 1983. This has been stored for the past 35+ years in a clam-shell container. He is an original Ral Partha Giant with no PP identification/catalog number. I do not think that he was cast by Rawcliffe.



PP41 -- Unicorn with Princess Rider


Retired and TWO  Available

1 1/2" high

A princess rides on the back of this magical unicorn. An aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal fireball accents this figurine. I beleive that she was sculpted by the famous artist, Tom Meir, back in the late 80's or very early 90's.


PP816 -- Fantasy Chariot


RETIRED and ONE Available

Just under 4 3/4" long x 2" high (to top of knight's sword)

This dramatic diorama, designed in 1987 for Ral Partha (sculpted by Tom Meir) and licensed to Rawcliffe, depicts a knight riding in a winged chariot being drawn by three horses, each with decorative head gear and fancy fringed blanket. An aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal fireball accents this rare and unusual figurine.

Click on the picture to see more detailed pictures.

RF1114 -- The Warlords


Retired & ONE Available
2 1/2" high x 4 7/8" long x 2 7/8" deep

This fantascene depicts two mighty knights, one a skeletal warrior, battling in front of a dragon altar. The dragon altar is a dragon head with it's claws holding a genuine pink rose quartz ball above it. Aurora-borealis faceted crystal points flank the head. There are several crystal accents on this detailed and unique figurine. This is a RARE find!

Click on the picture to see more detailed pictures.


Rawcliffe Archangel MichaelRawcliffe Archangel Michael

R1121039 -- Archangel  Michael


ONE Available

4 3/4" high

This detailed and dramatic diamond-cut angel depicts Archangel Michael holding a shield and a lance.  There is a blue marquise-shaped crystal accenting his shield. 


AC27 -- Fantascene Knight Slaying Dragon

Perth Pewter

RETIRED and ONE Available
2 3/4" high x 3 1/2" long

This fantascene depicts a knight defending a maiden honor against a fearsome dragon. The dragon has red crystal eyes and an aurora-borealis crystal fireball accents the base.



1111081 -- Unicorn Princess


Retired and ONE Available

2 1/2" high

This fantascene depicts a wizard walking beside a princess on a unicorn. The unicorn has emerald green crystal eyes and there is a green crystal on top of the wizard's staff. Look closely and you'll also see the princess wears a necklace with an aurora-borealis crystal accent.


TM11 -- Dragon Crossbow with Crew

Perth Pewter

ONE Available
Crossbow -- Just under 1 1/2" high x 2 1/2" long
Knights -- Between 1 1/4" high and 1 1/2" high

This is a dramatic set composed of four pieces...a dragon crossbow and three knights. The dragon has golden horns and red crystal eyes while each knight is accented with a colorful golden crystal. The knights have a touch of gold highlighting them as well. More pictures are below.




RF3001 -- Coeur De Gras     


RETIRED and ONE Available

Just over 1 3/4" high x 2 1/4" wide

This is a diorama depicting two knights engaged in battle. Look closely and you will be able to see the horse shoe marks made into the pewter base. Each is accented with colorful crystals. This figurine has the original number Rawcliffe gave to it back in 1992 when this was first created by renowned metal artist Tom Meier. This diorama is another hard to find figurine. 



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