FSPD3 -- Dragon Warrior    This figurine will be back in the spring.

Just over 4 1/4" long x 2 5/8" high (to top of warrior's weapon)

Both the warrior and the dragon are highlighted lightly in gold. The dragon has red crystal eyes and a red crystal accents the warrior's belt. This is one COOL figurine! 

Click on the image to see more of this dramatic and detailed figurine.

FSPD2 -- Dragon Hatching

TWO Available 

7/8" high x 1 1/2" long

Here's a cute little baby dragon resting comfortably inside it's egg. The dragon has iridescent baby blue crystal eyes. 


FSPD4 -- Dragon Baseball

RETIRED and Limited Availability 

1 1/2" high

This little dragon, with blue crystal eyes, is taking aim at a mighty big aurora-borealis crystal ball. Shown in the Satin Matte Finish. 


Pewter Dragon  Pewter Dragon

FSPD1 -- Coleshill Dragon

RETIRED and TWO Available

Just over 2" high

This dragon has red crystal eyes and there is a faceted crystal fireball accent on the base.


Pewter Dragon

FSPD12 -- Dragon Hologram

RETIRED and ONE Available

4 1/2" high

This heavy and dramatic dragon has red crystal eyes and holds a aurora-borealis crystal ball.  Between his wings is a crystal accented hologram of a dragon. A great work of art.


Pewter dragon Pewter dragon

FSPD10 -- Dragon of Ravenwood

Retired and TWO Available

1 3/4" high x 2" wide

This dragon has a  beautiful hand-buffed Satin finish and red crystal eyes. There is a colorful crystal accenting one wing and this dragon holds an aurora-borealis Swarovski faceted crystal "Fireball".


Pewter Dragon
FSPD7 --  High Road Dragon   

1 1/4" high

This dragon is highlighted lightly in gold. It has red Swarovski crystal eyes, is accented with colorful crystals and a crystal ball. He has a hand-buffed Satin Finish.


Pewter Dragon
FSPD9 --  Fearless the Dragon

RETIRED and Limited Availability

1 5/8" high

This dragon, accented lightly in gold, has red Swarovski crystal eyes. He has a hand-buffed Satin Finish. He needs a very good home. Agate & crystal ball not included.


Pewter Dragon
FSPD18 -- European Dragon

RETIRED and Limited Availability

1 3/8" high

This dragon is accented lightly in gold. He has colorful Swarovski crystal eyes. He has a hand-buffed Satin Finish.  This little dragon needs a good home. Agate & crystal Ball not included.



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