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and are NOT the manufacturer of these figurines.

  We do NOT ship outside of the United States! 

All figurines are done in a Museum-Quality hand-buffed satin matte finish.
Many are done by the Old Masters who still design fantasy pieces today which are sold worldwide.
Some may increase in value !!!



1211002 -- Guarding Treasure


Retired and ONE Available

1 7/8" high x 4 5/8" wide x 4 1/4" deep

This fantascene depicts a dragon guarding his treasure while a brave soul checks to seeif he might be lucky enough to snag some of it for himself. The dragon has golden crystal eyes and gold flecks accent one of his treasure chests. 

Click on the picture to see more of this detailed piece.


R1111009 - Snatching of the Turret


RETIRED and ONE Available

3" high x 3 1/8" wide

This fantascene depicts a dragon snatching the turret right off a castle. There are many golden topaz crystals accenting this figurine. It was designed by famed pewter artist Missy Leigh and is a RARE find.


KRM102227 - Strong Wing Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

RETIRED and ONE Available

6 1/2" high

This dragon has red crystal eyes.


RF3009 -- Mother's Love  


8" high x 5 1/2" wing span

This mother dragon (with soft blue crystal eyes) is feeding a very unlucky knight to her three babies. Their nest (accented with a red crystal) is littered with the remains of other unfortunate knights who went before him. This knight is defenseless in his final battle. 

Click on the picture to see more of this detailed piece.

R51001 -- Skeletal Dragon

Rawcliffe Pewter

One  Available
Just over 2 3/4" high x 3 3/4" long (front to back)

This skeletal dragon, showing every bone in its body, has red crystal eyes. Accenting the base is a faceted aurora-borealis crystal fireball. He is a sharp looking dragon with a lot of detail.


KRM102539 -- Argyrian Silver Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

RETIRED and TWO Available

Just under 4" high

This dragon has iridescent blue crystal eyes and holds a blue crystal in one of his claws.


KRM102636 -- Blacksting Wyvern Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

RETIRED and ONE Available

Just under 4 5/8" high

This dragon has red crystal eyes. There is a round aurora-borealis crystal ball accenting the base.


Pewter Dragon  Pewter Dragon  Pewter Dragon

Pewter DragonR1111048 -- Once Upon a Time


ONE Available

4 1/8" high

This dragon, with colorful light blue crystal eyes and wearing glasses, is reading a book to his little fairy friend. There's a little fairy dust sparkling on the book. This figurine was originally sculpted by Missy Leigh in 1999. This is a great gift for someone who loves dragons and fairies.


PP1232 -- Gold Dragon


ONE Available

1/2" long x  x 2 1/2" high

This dragon has golden crystal eyes and there is a golden marquise-shaped crystal on it's head. A band of gold accents it's tail. Ral Partha Pewter authorized Rawcliffe to produce the Gold Dragon in fine pewter.



PP807 -- 7-Headed Hydra Dragon


Limited Availability

Approximately 3 1/4" high x approximately 4 1/2" long

This detailed figurine depicts a 7-headed hydra dragon. Legend has it that if one head is cut off, two grow back. One of the seven dragons holds an aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal fireballs in its mouths. A large faceted aurora-borealis Fireball accents the  base. This is a licensed Ral Partha piece produced by Rawcliffe. Placement of the dragons heads may be different than shown in the picture and the figurine may be slightly different in size.


R1111071 -- Under Her Spell


ONE Available
3 1/4" high x 4" long x 2 3/4" deep

This fantascene depicts a fairy casting a magical spell on a dragon. The fairy wears a golden dress and has golden wings. The dragon has golden topaz crystal eyes. This figurine was designed & sculpted by Missy Leigh nearly 2 decades ago.


Rawcliffe Great Fire Dragon1121086 -- Rawcliffe Great Fire Dragon   

RAWCLIFFE         RETIRED and ONE Available

4 3/4" long x 2 1/4" high

This dragon, with diamond-cut wings, has red crystal eyes and is accented with an aurora-borealis faceted crystal Swarovski Fireball. This was originally a Parth Pewter dragon which was produced under license to Rawcliffe Pewter, many decades ago.


Rawcliffe White Winged Dragon

PP308 -- White Winged Dragon



2 7/8" high

This diamond-cut dragon has red crystal eyes. This would make a beautiful addition to any collection or if you are starting one.  



1111070 -- The Luring Melody     


RETIRED and TWO Available 

Approximately 3 3/4" high

This fierce dragon has been lured to this golden fairy by a sweet melody she plays on her golden horn. The fairy's golden gown is accented with two emerald green crystals. The dragon has emerald green crystal eyes and is perched on her balcony with his tail wrapped around her.


Regal Dragon
KRM121004 -- Regal Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

RETIRED and ONE Available

5 1/2" high

This dramatic dragon has clear crystal eyes and holds a clear crystal encrusted ball in his claw.

Click on the image to see more of this figurine. 


Wyrfel Dragon
KRM109007 -- Wyrfel Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

RETIRED and ONE Available

2 1/2" high

This detailed dragon has red crystal eyes and there is an aurora-borealis faceted crystal accenting the base. Sharp crisp detail.


Rawcliffe Green Dragon
1161058 -- Green Dragon on Wood Base    


RETIRED and ONE Available

2 3/4
" high x 2 1/2" wide (measurements include the wood base)

This dragon, mounted on a round stained hardwood base and accented lightly in gold, has green crystal eyes. There is an aurora-borealis crystal fireball accenting the figurine.



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