Perth Pewter, Rawcliffe Pewter and the Phoenix Collection by KRM

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Rawcliffe Castle    Rawcliffe Castle

RF658 -- Krakora Castle


TWO Available

Just under 2 1/2" high

This castle is accented with many colorful crystals and a faceted crystal fireball. You have your choice of two versions.  Castle #3 is highlighted lightly in gold and is also diamond-cut.

  $9.99 -- Krakora Castle #1 - No Gold 
  $9.99 -- Krakora Castle #3 - With Gold

RF657 -- Wizard's Eye Castle      Not Available at this time.



2 5/8" high

This beautiful castle is highlighted with a large faceted Swarovski crystal "Fireball" (the "wizard's eye") as well as two smaller aurora-borealis faceted Swarovski crystal "Fireballs" and several colorful crystals. The top tower on the left is surrounded with four small clear crystals.


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