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We are an authorized dealer for Perth Pewter, Rawcliffe and the Phoenix Collection.

All figurines are done in a museum-quality satin buff finish.
Many are done by the Old Masters who still design fantasy pieces today which are sold worldwide.
Some may increase in value.




1141003 -- Good Fairies Castle 


RETIRED and ONE Available

6" high

This castle is lightly diamond-cut and has been retired for many years. It is accented with several small blue crystals as well as some fancy and dramatic aurora-borealis crystals (one near the door shown in the photo on the left) and another on a lower tower (this is a special effects Swarovski Roulette Rocket crystal). The fire that comes from the special crystal on the lower tower is absolutely magnificent. You can see some of the fire reflecting off the castle in the third picture above. A vivid blue Swarovski faceted crystal prism accents this beautiful castle's top turret. 


S225 -- Large Wizard's Castle

Perth Pewter   

ONE Available

Just under 6 1/4" high

This castle, created by James Lane Casey in 1982, is accented with several faceted crystal points and a faceted crystal ball. It varies slightly from Wizard's Castle #1 and we believe it to be the older of the two and designed first.

Click on the images to see more of this dramatic castle.


S235 -- Princess Castle

Perth Pewter

ONE Available

3" high

This castle, by James Lane Casey and created in 1984, is accented with three aurora-borealis crystals. 


Rawcliffe Castle    Rawcliffe Castle

RF658 -- Krakora Castle


TWO Available

Just under 2 1/2" high

This castle is accented with many colorful crystals and a faceted Fireball crystal ball.  You have your choice of three versions.  Castle #3 is accented lightly in gold and is also diamond-cut.

  $15.00 -- Krakora Castle #1
  $15.00 -- Krakora Castle #3

Wizard's Eye Castle
RF657 -- Wizards Eye Castle


2 5/8" high

This beautiful castle is highlighted with a large faceted Swarovski® crystal "Fireball" (the "wizard's eye") as well as two smaller faceted Swarovski® crystal "Fireballs" and several colorful crystals. The top tower on the left is surrounded with small clear crystals.  Crystals may be slightly different than those in the photograph.



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