Many Designs to Choose From ...


A long Black Linen Cord is included with each Pendant.


Pendants are shipped with First Class Mail (unless ordered with something else on our site).
We will send you a "partial refund" for shipping if you order ONLY pendants.

PN13 -- Double Dragon Pendant (with colorful crystal)

Choice of FIVE Colors!  Shown from left to right...
Blue, Red, Purple, Iridescent Purple, & Iridescent Pink

2" long

Color Choice  


PN33 -- Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

Approximately 1 1/4" long (stone only)

ONE of each available

These are beautiful double terminated wire wrapped genuine points in assorted stones. We can't identify every stone, but be assured, they are beautiful. A black fabric cord is included. Each is wire wrapped in a silver plated wire. 

Some of the genuine stones we can identify are...#4 possibly Fancy Agate,  #5 Carnelian, #7 possibly Fancy Agate, #9 Moss Agate, #10 Red or Rainbow Jasper, #11 and #15 Golden Quartz, #18 Moss Agate, #19 Rainbow Jasper, #24 Aventurine

Stone Choice   

PN34 -- Dreamcatcher Pendant (with colorful crystals) 

Just over 1 1/8" long


PN35 -- Cross Pendant (with colorful crystal) 

1 1/8" long


PN36 -- Celtic Cross Pendant (with colorful crystals) 

Just over 1 3/4" long


PN37 -- Large Cross Pendant (with colorful crystals) 

2 3/4" long


PN32 -- Butterfly Pendant (accented with crystal)   

ONE Available

1" long

PN7 -- Butterfly Fairy Pendant (accented with crystal) 

2" long

PN19 -- Fairy on Ball Pendant (accented with crystal near wings)

1 1/2" high to top of fairy's wings  


PN20 -- "Death" Reaper Pendant   (accented with crystal)

One Available

2" long

"DEATH" stamped into bottom of the pendant. 


PN21 -- Reaper with Sickle Pendant (accented with crystal)
  Limited  Stock ... 

1 3/8" long


PN22 -- Angel of Death Pendant (accented with crystal)

1 3/4" long

PN11 -- Phoenix Pendant #1

1 5/8" long


PN28 -- Phoenix Pendant #2 (accented with crystal)  

1 1/2" wide


PN31 -- Flying Dragon Pendant (with
colorful crystal)

Limited Availability

2 5/8" wide


PN1 -- Dragon Claw/Talon Pendant

This symbolizes Strength...

Please choose the color of the glass ball or red.

1 3/8" long

Color Choice

PN2 -- Flying Dragon Pendant I

2 7/8" long


PN4 -- Crystal Dragon Diamond-Cut Pendant

2 3/4" long (including faceted crystal)

PN27 -- Dragon Pendant (accented with crystal)  

2 1/4" long

PN26 -- Dragon Sword Pendant (accented with crystal)  

2 3/4" long


PN10 -- Medieval Excalibur Sword/Athame Pendant (with colorful crystal)

2 3/4" long


PN18 -- Celtic Triquetra Pendant #2

1" wide at base


PN25 -- Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) Pendant (accented with a red crystal)  

Just under 1" long (not including bail where cord goes through)

Symbolizes strength and known as one of the most fearsome of all weapons.


PN29 -- Pot Leaf Pendant (accented with crystal)  

1 1/4" long (not including bail where cord goes through)

PN30 -- Magic Mushroom Pendant (accented with crystal) 

1 1/4" long  

Crystal color is red, not blue/green as shown in the picture.


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