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Pewter Vintage & Classic Figurines


We are in the process of moving and will
be closed from Sunday, January 14 until
the middle to late March, 2018.
No orders will be processed during this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but need
this time to pack everything up, move,
and get organized in our new home.


These would be wonderful pieces for any collection or great to start with!

Unless indicated otherwise, only ONE of each of these figurines is available.


PI1001 -- Pewter Image Fantasy Word

RETIRED and ONE Available

5 1/4" long x approximately 2" high

Click on the image to see more of this unique figurine, including the spectacular crystals.

This is such a clever piece ready to tell everyone (without saying a word) about your love for all things fantasy. A fairy sits on the F, a wizard holding a large and multi-colored crystal forms the A, the N is formed by what looks like unicorn horns, a mushroom forms the T, a little gnome viking holding an axe forms the A, a dragon holding a multi-colored crystal forms the S, and a tree with an owl sitting on a branch for the Y



3554 -- Keeper of the Skulls by Tudor Mint

ONE Available

1 3/8" high

This figurine was issued in January, 1994 and retired in December, 2000. The skull is being held inside a bony skeletal hand and it has red crystal eyes. A snake is slithering in and out of it. Surrounding it are 11 smaller skulls. 

pewter hand with crystal sword

MR1645 -- Spoontiques Hand with Crystal Sword

RETIRED and ONE Available

2" high

This hand is taking back King Arthur's sword into the lake.  On the hand is a ring with a crystal accent.  



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